Who can receive information and make medical decisions for me?

Unless a doctor or court has determined that you are not able to make or communicate health care decisions, you are in charge of your own care while in the nursing home or rehab center. Family members or friends may be involved, but only if you agree in writing that they may receive confidential health information and participate in care planning meetings.


Who will be managing my (or my loved one’s care) while in the facility?

One of our clinical providers, a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, will conduct a physical exam and review your case to determine an appropriate plan of care. From this evaluation, a care plan will be implanted and directed to the care team at the nursing home or rehab center.


How often will I see a doctor?

How often one of our clinical providers examines you will depend on your diagnosis and current condition. Some conditions warrant daily visits by one of our providers while other require only monthly visits.



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